Terms of Service


  • You will be invoiced though PayPal.

  • Full payment including shipping must be paid before the finished product is mailed.

  • Preferred payment plans require a 30% down payment which will reserve a spot in my queue plus purchase materials.

  • Remaining payment can be made in installments or in a second lump sum no more than six months after the down payment has been paid.

  • If a customer fails to complete payment projects may be cancelled and resold. Customer will be refunded.

  • Down payment may be withheld in the event of a cancellation by a client.

  • Commissioners must be 18 years or older.



  • Customer is expected to pay shipping costs

  • Shipping costs will be an additional fee and not added into the original costume quote

  • Preferred shipping is though USPS with tracking.

  • Items will not be shipped until the entire project including shipping is paid in full.

  • Client will be responsible for any additional costs due to shipping overseas or customs.

  • That's Furred Up is not responsible for any lost or damaged items due to shipping error.



  • All products have a 90 day warranty which covers any issue which is the fault of That’s Furred Up!. (Popped seams, missing claws, ect…) Any damage resulting from negligence will not be covered. (Improper storage, exposure to extreme conditions, unintended use, ect…) Shipping for the return will be covered by the customer and shipping back will be covered by That’s Furred Up once repairs are complete.

  • Warranty void if alterations are made by someone other than That’s Furred Up, there is damage caused by improper use, storage or cleaning, the items transfer ownership to a third party.

  • Please feel free to contact That’s Furred Up about repairs to our products even after warranty has expired. We can discuss options and prices for repairs. Please understand products no longer under warranty can be denied depending on damage.

  • Please note that repairs are subject to time and availability; That's Furred Up may be unable to accept all repairs outside of warranty.

  • There is no guarantee that identical fabrics or dye lots will still be available or in stock for any additional parts or repairs past the original commission. That’s Furred Up is not obligated to store or hold materials once a costume is delivered.

  • If an item sent back is in unfavorable conditions, soiled, or unclean the item will immediately be returned at the customer’s expense.



  • That’s Furred Up holds the right to cancel a commission at any time. Projects cancelled by That’s Furred Up will result in a full refund including deposit. Any materials or work will be kept to be resold, destroyed or used for additional projects.

  • Customer cancellations or failure to complete payment will result in your commission being resold, destroyed or used in separate projects. 30% deposit may be lost.

Creation and process

  Before work begins:

  • All business will be handled through email at thatsfurredup@gmail.com

  • Have a very clear and current image or description of the design you have in mind. I am also willing to work with ideas or completely free artistic liberty projects. Once materials are purchased and work has started your design may not be changed.

  • I will not work from images or designs of preexisting costumes or characters protected by copyrights.

  • Duct Tape Dummies are required for full body costumes and expected to be mailed in a reasonable time frame. Any duct tape dummy received which I am unable to work with will be thrown away and a new one will be expected at customer’s expense.

  • Duct Tape Dummies will be disposed of after a project is completed. Duct Tape Dummies will only be shipped back upon request and at the expense of the client.

During work:

  • I am happy to provide updates at the customer’s request!

  • Work in progress images may sporadically be posted to any That’s Furred Up Gallery or media site. If the customer wishes for a project to be kept private until completion please make note of this as early as possible.

  • If a specific deadline is needed please make note of this as early as possible! That’s Furred Up will attempt to accommodate your needs but That’s Furred Up cannot guarantee deadlines as durability and comfort is preferred over rushed work.


  • All finished costumes will be modeled and photographed for portfolios and promotional material. Character’s appearance and name may be shared publicly in portfolios, galleries, social media and promotional material.


  • That’s Furred Up works 5 days a week roughly 9am – 6pm, Monday though Friday. Please don’t expect communication or updates outside these hours.


Any questions, concerns, or clarifications may contact me at thatsfurredup@gmail.com

TOS Updated: 4/2/2019